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TRX Suspension Training

You vs. You in a full body, metabolic, strength workout. Where you will burn fat, build muscle and increase flexibility.

Private One on One Training

We design a fitness program specially tailored to your goals, be it to get lean, build strength, improve your golf game, or to rid yourself of pain.

Corrective Exercise

Our expert will use postural assessment to determine what part of the body is out of alignment. From there, we will design a corrective exercise program to get you back on track and feeling great.


Our trainers keep up to date information on all the latest fitness trends which they share with their clients through newsletters, training sessions or lectures. We're working on a new lecture series will be available this fall about peri and menopausal woman.


Wether it is the bar of life, the bar of fitness or the bar of health, our highly qualified trainers are here to help you on your journey. Our mission is to introduce our clients to a customized personal regime that addresses fitness, diet and lifestyle so you can look and feel your best.

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