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My Story

It all started when I  was pregnant with my third child. Setting down a ladder left me in pain and stuck in a hospital bed for a month. I ended up herniating a disk in my back. Fast forward three years, my left leg was still numb and I had chronic headaches. My doctor put me on medicine that made me feel awful. Deciding that I was tired of feeling miserable, I set out on a journey to figure out a way to heal myself.

When I injured my back, everyone I asked told me there was nothing to do but move. When I had been an athlete in both both high school and college, cardio came easy for me. However, after about three days of intensive training, my joints hurt too much so I had to take time off. I dreaded those off days, because when I wasn’t working out I would get terrible migraines.

So, I started to look for more alternatives.  I tried a bunch of different things, but what I found worked the best for me was to clean up my diet. I added more protein and fiber which helped me stop riding the blood sugar roller coaster and balance out my hormones. Instead of lifting weights, I took on resistance training to help create muscular balance within my body. Over the course of a few months, the headaches ceases altogether.

Thanks to my new diet and exercise regime, I felt the best I had in five years. Then out of nowhere, life got hard. I lost my mother to breast cancer and my husband lost his job just as the economy cratered.  After two stressful years, I was left with a whole new set of health problems and adrenal fatigue. Knowing there was more out there than a pill, I again went looking for solutions. This time around, I found yoga and meditation. Once again, I was able to heal myself and get back on track.

After my own life changing journey, I made it my mission to help others get out of pain, move correctly, and feel better. I became a certified health coach and opened my own personal training gym. For ten years, I’ve helped countless individuals on their own health journey. People come in for a variety of different reasons, they keep coming back because of how good they feel.

Let me help you raise the bar to the best you can be.

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