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Sugar is only sweet to your tongue.


The average American consumes between 150 to 170 pounds of added sugars and sweeteners each year. Added sugars are found in everything from hamburger buns to pasta sauce, with many of us consuming much more than the recommended limit of 25g of sugar (6 teaspoons) each day.

Shift into a new way of life.


You may have heard the expression that your body is a temple, but it’s really like an engine. Your mood and energy depend on your diet and lifestyle. When you don’t use the right fuel for your body, it doesn’t shift into the right gear. In our Detox By Brick House: Shake The Sugar course, our trained team helps you take control of your nutrition.


Five Weeks, Unlimited Possibilites


Week I: How We Got Here

We want you to succeed, so our first week is all about getting ready. First, we talk about the why; then we’ll talk about the how. We’ll learn how sugar became part of the American diet and some its long-term health effects. Then, we’ll review several strategies to start reducing sugar in your diet. 


Week II: Understanding Nutrition

It’s hard to tell what “healthy” really is, even if the box says words like “All Natural” or “Organic.” We’ll learn what ingredients to look for, so you can make informed decisions about the foods you eat. In doing so, we’ll learn what nutrients compose a healthy diet, and how to find your own balance.

Batch cooking: Plan, prepare, and pack


Week III: What Regulates Our Mood

By week three, you should begin to feel changes in your mood and energy. We’ll discuss the important role blood sugar plays in our lives, and how it affects everything from our well-being to food cravings. We’ll also cover how to avoid spikes and crashes, and how to skip the early-afternoon slump.


Week IV: Fat Is Your Friend

Learn why sugar (not fat) is the true culprit behind many lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease. We’ll talk about the different kinds of fats, and which ones are the most beneficial to your health.


Week V: Transition & Next Steps

In our last session, we learn one of the most important skills of the course: How to tell if a food “works” for you. We’ll discuss how to reintroduce foods to your diet and how to spot signs of inflammation. We’ll also share some helpful resources in helping you continue your health journey.


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Mark Your Calendar

Our next five-week course starts Thursday, March 22, 2018, at 7 p.m.!
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